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"We have the vision your business needs."

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“Sales goals Marketing Strategies 

We aim to surpass all goals”


Virtual Marketing Consultant works with you to grow your small business, by providing exceptional marketing and sales support services, we guarantee success. We are able to work in a number of ways to suit your present situation and budget and achieve the best results. This means we can work on a retainer or project basis. We can work in a consultative manner or as your marketing agency.

Alternatively, we are also able to provide you with a virtual marketing director or manager, to work on your business, but without all the usual overheads.

Although we are capable of working in most sectors, the company specializes in consumer marketing. Working from a start-up, strategic situation, or perhaps on an assignment, special project, The Virtual Marketing Consultant Company is able to provide assistance, consultancy, and most importantly implementation of sales growth and marketing plans and strategies for almost any organization.

Consulting Services



From intercept marketing and special events to mobile exhibits and cross-promotional tours to field street team management and tours and full data capture services...Virtual Marketing Consultant has a track record of success with more than 20yrs of experience in providing the services you need to get your product in front of your key decision-makers and audiences.

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